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Achille Castiglioni for Arco, Iconic Floor Lamp with White Marble Base

Achille Castiglioni for Arco, Iconic Floor Lamp with White Marble Base

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Elegant design with beautiful combined materials, like marble and satin-finish stainless steel. The lamp has a telescopic stem. The lamp is in good condition. Because the surrounding is reflected in the shade, it is not easy to get a good picture but there are some minor traces of wear like some tiny scratches on the outside. The inside is shown on pictures #6 and #7. It is possible to put the shade in several positions by sliding the outer rings over the inner part, which is shown on pictures #2, #3 and #4. There marble foot is in good condition and only one tiny chip of 3 mm came off, see picture #12. The wire got one piece of tape to protect the wire because of tiny damage.

The weight is 63.8 kg

The dimensions of the marble foot is 55 cm H x 18 cm W x 24 cm D The diameter of the shade is 32 cm in the middle and the opening is 29 cm, the height is 20 cm.

Verkoop; Vintage
Ontwerp Jaar:
Castiglioni, Archille
Hoogte: 240 cm
Breedte: 200 cm
Diepte: 32 cm
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