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Set Marema Stapelbare Bijzettafels

Set Marema Stapelbare Bijzettafels

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Set of four side tables in plastic 'Marema' by Gianfranco Fratinni produced by Cassina. "Marema" set of four low stacking nesting tables by Gianfranco Frattini for Cassina. Designed mid-1960s, rare example of this designer and his designs using plastic. The set stack with all four pieces of different heights forming the effect of ‘one’ piece. Due to sunlight and age the color has changed over the years and all tables show traces of wear, like spots and also some damage like some pieces came off (see picture #4). There are two sets of four tables available; the first 3 pictures are one set and the next 4 pictures are the other set. The items is priced per piece but we only sell per set, so 4 x 245 euro per set. or 2 sets 8 x 245 euro. The shipping price per two sets is € 133 , per set € 77, per piece € 55

Weight per set 7.5 kg The total height is 38 cm and diameter including the legs is 43 cm, the diameter of the tabletop is 40 cm The height of the tables are 38 cm, 32,5 cm, 28 cm and 23 cm.

Priced per set of 4

€ 750,00

Verkoop; Vintage: All-in prijs, zonder BTW vermelding
Frattini, Gianfranco
Hoogte: 38 cm
Breedte: 40 cm
Diepte: 43 cm
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