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Charmante Toucan Tafel Lamp in oranje

Charmante Toucan Tafel Lamp in oranje

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A charming table lamp displaying a toucan or parrot bird from the 1970s.

Made of orange, yellow and white plastic. For OTF, Verona, Italy. Has an adjustable lampshade. Toucan childrens table lamp by Oldtimer Ferrari, Verona Italy, 1968. Very charming iconic design. Made out of abstract shades of coloured plastic joined together to get a Toucan The beak can be put in another angle, from downwards to upwards ( horizontal).

The shade is adjustable in height from 0' to 120'. A bulb that probably was too big caused appearance of 3 light brow coloured burn spots in the shade. The lamp shows some traces of use like some scratches on the white shade (see picture #10)

Weight ca 475 gram

Dimensions: 20.5 cm height x bird including beak at max width 18 cm yellow foot 12 cm x 8 cm.


€ 395,00

Verkoop; Vintage
Ferrari Milano
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
Italiaanse Designer
Hoogte: 20 cm
Breedte: 12 cm
Diepte: 8 cm
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