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Nederlandse Easy Chair No. 1432, Cordemeyer, Gispen

Nederlandse Easy Chair No. 1432, Cordemeyer, Gispen

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Black Gispen armchair in leatherette.
The leatherette has traces of wear but is merely in fair condition except for some damages (see pictures #7, #8 and #9 a tiny whole in the seat). On right top of the backseat front one can see some traces of cat-nails. The base is in fair condition.
On some places on the leatherette, out of sight (not in the front), is a mark that says 'Skai', the Dutch word for leatherette.

This Mid-Century Dutch lounge chair with armrests, upholstered in the original black leatherette and placed on a graphite black lacquered chassis with chromed legs and nylon glides. All in original condition. We also have the three-seat in stock, upholstered in the same material, but this one needs attention or can be upholstered in a different fabric, leather or leatherette. Also we have a few more chairs. We can create a set too and upholster the set in any fabric of your choice as well. Ask us about options and additional cost. The advertisement brochures of Gispen at that time focused on the unsurpassed comfort of the armchair. This comfort was achieved by the "completely free suspension of the foam cushions on rubber webbing."

Verkoop; Vintage: All-in prijs, zonder BTW vermelding
Gispen Culemborg
Ontwerp Jaar:
Cordemeyer, André
Hoogte: 76 cm
Breedte: 72 cm
Diepte: 71 cm
Zithoogte: 39 cm
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