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Excelente Comfortabele Bioscoop stoel uit Parijs

Excelente Comfortabele Bioscoop stoel uit Parijs

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Cinema chair in bright colors red and blue or te reupholster by our atelier. The original fabric is for this chair in quite good condition, has a traces of wear and slightly difference in color of the upholstered parts (the seat and armrests. On the back are traces of use like some colored spots and stripes. The foot is a silver painted made of metal and wood. Most of the other chairs are in red with less good fabric, but might be acceptable too or we can do the reupholstering for you. We can also change the shell, sell the chairs with one armrest each, like they were in the cinema and with or without base, since they were in the floor without the wooden base originally. There are more chairs in other colors, mainly red, all with traces of use.

Measure: Weight 26.5 kg.

Verkoop; Vintage
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
Franse Designer
Hoogte: 96 cm
Breedte: 70 cm
Diepte: 80 cm
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