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Set Ribalta Banken, Ballardini, Fabrizio, Arflex

Set Ribalta Banken, Ballardini, Fabrizio, Arflex

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De volgende tekst is slechts in het Engels beschikbaar:

Ribalta sofa in blue and green. The Ribalta sofa is very versatile. All four corners can be put in several positions, up and down. This way you can change the outlook and function in a blink of an eye; sofa, lounge chair or daybed. Also one can make the sofa 'switch the back of the sofa' without lifting the whole sofa and move it around, by simply puting the corners in the back down and pull the corners in the front top.

All mechanisms functions well. The original soft fabric upholstery shows traces of wear. The blue Ribalta has fading of color (Pictures #7 and #13) and some damage ( pictures #10, #11 and #12). The green Ribalta has patches on damage (#14, #15 and #16) of the green upholstery and also has visual damage. Coming with it are 4 matching cushions in a pinkish red and lilac The fabric has faded colours. Also 2 pillow covers in mustard yellow, with one (not original) smaller cushion inside.

Priced for the set in the actual condition including 4 pillows, 2 per couch.

Buy one ? ! : The green one is 15% cheaper and the blue one is 15% higher in price if you want to buy one piece only.

Verkoop; Vintage: All-in prijs, zonder BTW vermelding
Ontwerp Jaar:
Ballardini, Fabrizio
Hoogte: 82 cm
Breedte: 165 cm
Diepte: 120 cm
Zithoogte: 38 cm
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