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Miller, Set Dss Fiberglass Chairs and Original Cushions

Miller, Set Dss Fiberglass Chairs and Original Cushions

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Off white shells Eames by Herman Miller with brown cushion. 4 shells are in stock with more or less the same condition; all shells show some traces of wear like some stains on the brown cushion and stains on the fibreglass shells. Some of the cushions show marks from stacking other shells. Some of the shells have the original screws under the seat, some are missing.

More shells with the same cushions are in stock and listed; 9 with cushions in worse condition and 13 in a bad condition (mainly concerning the cushions). Also shells in other colors are available and listed.

Weight 3.5 kg

The price is per piece

More pictures are available on request

Verkoop; Vintage
Herman Miller
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
Eames, Charles & Ray
Hoogte: 43 cm
Breedte: 47 cm
Diepte: 50 cm
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