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Groene  F300, Pierre Paulin, Artifort

Groene F300, Pierre Paulin, Artifort

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Set of two, in the early days from white into green spray-painted, very early F300 lounge chairs by Pierre Paulin. You acan remove the green but since it's an original, early color, we decided to leave it as it is. Only the upper side is in green while the chair is off white underneath. Bot of the chairs show traces of wear like loss of paint, (purple) stains and some damage. Pictures #2 - #12 show the condition of the best chair and #13 - #17 the other chair. Both chairs have three holes in the seat, as a drain for rain/liquid. One chair has only two floor caps and the other 2.5 floor cap (Picture #16 shows the half floor cap).
Other lounge chairs of the F series are listed.

Weight 10.5 kg per piece
The total width of the chair 80.5 cm, while the width of the actual seat is 55 cm.

€ 1.650,00

Verkoop; Vintage: All-in prijs, zonder BTW vermelding
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
Paulin, Pierre
Hoogte: 59 cm
Breedte: 80,5 cm
Diepte: 70 cm
Zithoogte: 36 cm
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