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Fauteuil Model F 590 in Gemêleerde Terra cotta bekleding, Harcourt

Fauteuil Model F 590 in Gemêleerde Terra cotta bekleding, Harcourt

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Beautiful lounge chair has a morecoloured (brick red, red/pink and ochre yellow) upholstery. The chair has a white foot without swivel. The chair is still a beautiful piece but shows some traces of wear like some damage on both corners in the front (picture#9 and #10) and on top (#11 and #12). The seat consists of 3 separate cushion that stay perfectly on their place, although the official attachments on the back are missing. Picture #8 shows a darker stain on the upholstery. The white foot has some loss of paint and tiny damage (see #14 and #15).

In 1967, Harcourt designed a series of swivel armchairs with trumpet bases, based on a shellshaped template. The shell is large enough to curl up in and is the paragon of his philosophy that “the chair should focus on the person, and not the other way around.” To begin with, there are different versions of the chair for men and women (with high and low backs respectively). These were later followed by models with stitched edging, fixed cushions and deep-buttoned padding.

Weight 25 kg


€ 1.650,00

Verkoop; Vintage: All-in prijs, zonder BTW vermelding
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
Harcourt, Geoffrey
Hoogte: 91 cm
Breedte: 91 cm
Diepte: 76 cm
Zithoogte: 36 cm
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