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Mooie Vintage Tafel met Speciaal Gevormd Tafelblad

Mooie Vintage Tafel met Speciaal Gevormd Tafelblad

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Beautiful large table with special shaped tabletop and Industrial base. The tabletop has rounded edges (see picture #5) and is slightly wider in the middle (#3- #6) and has a interesting wood grain and a black edge. The tabletop has some some stains and scratches and damage like loss of finishing lacquer (#11- #16) that are not all that visible because of the grain pattern. There is also one moist circle (#10) and a little chip like the one that came of the black edge (#17). The base is from metal, chrome and black parts. The tabletop is not assembled but screws are available. The base is in good condition except tiny (rusty) spots on the connecting horizontal bar; the legs have just some light traces of wear but look good.

The tabletop is 3 cm thick.

The width of the tabletop is 90 cm at the edges and 100 cm in the middle.

See for more pictures

€ 1.475,00

Verkoop; Vintage
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
ca 1975
Eames, Charles & Ray
Hoogte: 73 cm
Breedte: 200 cm
Diepte: 100 cm
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