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Set van Drie Selene Stoelen en een Stadio Tafel, Vico Magistretti, Artemide

Set van Drie Selene Stoelen en een Stadio Tafel, Vico Magistretti, Artemide

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Set of three selene chairs and a black Stadio table by Vico Magistretti by studio Artemide. The black chair is in good condition, except for some scratches and some little dents of the edge (seat and backrest), see picture #6. The black chair has no floor caps. The red chair has also races off wear, like some scratches, black stripes on the seat and a dent of the edge of the backrest (picture 9). The chair has 4 floor caps in black. The color of the red brown chair faded but in a beautiful way! The chair has some scratches, two deeper scratches on the seat, and change of color (picture #12). The chair is missing one floor cap. The square plastic table is model Stadio and in beautiful black. The table top has traces of wear like quite some scratches and one little dent (#6). The top was hard to photograph (because of the lights at the ceiling); in reality one can see scratches on the tabletop but they are less obvious than it appears on the 3rd picture on picture #14. The chairs are stackable (#3). At the corners of the tabletop, above the legs, are some spots with loss of lacquer/paint. The legs has some traces of wear as well, like on one leg a sort of 'sticker glue' but less scratches. The legs can come off and we can ship un assembled.

Also more tables and Selene chairs are listed and available in several colors. The weigh per chair is 4,5 kg. The total width of the chair is 47 cm and the width of the seat is 38 cm. The weight is of the table is 14 kg. The dimensions are 75 cm H x 82 cm W x 82 cm D The table top is 5 cm thick.

The price is per set

More pictures are available on request

Verkoop; Vintage: All-in prijs, zonder BTW vermelding
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Product jaar:
Magistretti, Vico
Hoogte: 75 cm
Breedte: 82 cm
Diepte: 82 cm
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