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Bruine stapelbare gebogen Houten Strip Stoelen

Bruine stapelbare gebogen Houten Strip Stoelen

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Two dark brown varnished stackable bended wood strip chairs. The chairs are beautiful and interesting because of the design. The condition is good although the chairs show some traces of wear like some loss of paint at the edges and some scratches on the seats and some spot (#12-#17). One chair has some loss of paint/lacquer. The other chair has some scratches at the back on the left of the seat and a little chip came off the leg in the front at the right side (#18). There is a slightly difference in height which is not visible when the chairs are not very close together because it is only 0.2 cm.

The height of the one chair is 76.8 cm while the other is 77 cm and the height of the seat is 43.8 cm and 44 cm.

When stacked in a pile of two the height is 78 cm and the depth is 57 cm

The price is per piece  

Verkoop; Vintage
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
Bakker, Gijs
Hoogte: 77 cm
Breedte: 44 cm
Diepte: 55 cm
Zithoogte: 44 cm
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