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Plastic Stadio 80 Tafel

Plastic Stadio 80 Tafel

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De volgende tekst is slechts in het Engels beschikbaar:

Magistretti table in off white plastic. The table shows traces of wear like scratches, superficial (like picture #9 - #12 ) and deeper (#13 and #14) , spots and some loss of color/coating. The table top and legs show some change of color over the years. The legs and table top are adjustable (which is practical for storage and shipping). One of the screws was missing and is replaced by a slightly other model (#16). The angle of which the pictures are taken might give the impression that the legs are not straight, but that is an optical illusion.
Also a set of 4 matching Selene chairs in white are available ( see picture #19).

Weight 14 kg
The table top is 5 cm thick

Verkoop; Vintage
Ontwerp Jaar:
Magistretti, Vico
Hoogte: 75 cm
Breedte: 125 cm
Diepte: 82 cm
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