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Elegante 1960s Make-up tafel met kruk

Elegante 1960s Make-up tafel met kruk

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Dressing-table and make-up table set with stool. This elegant colourful dressing table is a beautiful piece and will complete your bedroom, showroom or hair and or makeup studio. The tabletop and storage on the bottom can be opened by turning the glass lit to the side to the right or the left side and the mirror can also be put in several positions. This make-up table shows some traces of wear like the missing of a mirror that was broken. The mirror holder can be put in different positions. This table is mobile because of the wheels, but one of the four wheels is missing. Therefore the table is supported by a substitute on the picture ; without the support the table will be skewed. Also the two black painted tabletop shows some 'crackle' and some chips came off the glass.The 'golden edge' does not connect completely. The stool also shows some traces of wear like some loss of paint and stains. The stool can be placed on the table to reduce space.

the weight of the whole set is 18 kg

The total height when the mirror is upright is 130 cm and 115 cm when in horizontal position. The diameter of the mirror holder is 30 cm and of the top table as well as on the bottom is 38 cm. The diameter of the foot is 50 cm. The height of the top table is 10 cm and the storage on the bottom is 21 cm high.

The stool is 45 cm H x 39 cm W x 40 cm D


Verkoop; Vintage
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
Franse Designer
Hoogte: 130 cm
Breedte: 50 cm
Diepte: 50 cm
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