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Kandelaar Bowl + Diverse Elementen en Mogelijkheden

Kandelaar Bowl + Diverse Elementen en Mogelijkheden

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Beautiful candle holder with multiple parts and therefore combinations and composition in chrome.

The Candle holder element without candles on picture 1 showed in a serie is 6,5 cm H x 10,2 cm diameter and 271 gram per piece, 14 pieces in store

There are more parts to complete a set, see picture 2 and 3

tThe high candle holder on foot without candles on picture 6 is 23 cm H x 17 cm diameter and 850 gram, Price 125 euro, 4 piece4s in store

The scale 75 euro, 5 pieces in store

All are priced differently and separately.

Price per element 33 euro ex shipping

Matching candles are available in white, black and grey, per box, 12 pieces, 8 euro.

€ 49,00

Verkoop; Vintage: All-in prijs, zonder BTW vermelding
Scandinavisch Designer
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