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Zeo in Mint Groen, Draagbare Televisie

Zeo in Mint Groen, Draagbare Televisie

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Portable Nordmende television by Thomson Technology with remote control in pastel pistache. Very charming design. The set is functioning. The television is portable by a handle/band. This portable TV set raises numerous interesting points due to its unique design. Thanks to its general shape, its antenna and the management of the details, it has become a real work of art. It is notably featured in many art or design museums. The antenne can be put is several directions put became a bit more flexible than before, but can still be positioned. The television shows som traces of wear like some stains (see pictures).

Weight is 11 kg

The dimensions of the screen is 21.5 cm H x 29 cm W dimensions of the remote control is 13 cm H x 8 cm W

€ 295,00

Verkoop; Vintage
Ontwerp Jaar:
Product jaar:
Starck, Philippe
Hoogte: 36 cm
Breedte: 36 cm
Diepte: 38 cm
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