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Topo Floor Lamp Designed by Joe Colombo for Stilnovo

Topo Floor Lamp Designed by Joe Colombo for Stilnovo

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White floor 'Topo' lamp with black base for Stilnovo. This floor lamp is flexible; it can be turned and can have several positions by bending the top tube parts. It can be max in vertical position on picture #3 (168 cm H) but not bended to the max (limited by inner cable through the tube). The shade can have several positions because of the ball connection (pictures #13 - #16). The foot is soft plastic. The lamp shows traces of wear like scratches and some loss of paint.

The length of the shade is 21 cm, while the diameter of the round part os 13 cm. The height of the black base is 108 cm. The diameter of the foot is 28 cm


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Design Year:
Colombo, Joe
Height: 168 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 60 cm
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