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Set-2 PK22 Lounge in Black Leather

Set-2 PK22 Lounge in Black Leather

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Set of two beautiful PK 22 in black leather. The chair are in good condition, except for some tiny (rusty) spots on the base and legs(pictures #7, #12 and #13) and some light damage on the corners of the front of the seat (#10 and #11). But overall the leather is beautiful!

The height in the middle is 69 cm and each side 71 cm and the width of the seat is 58 cm and the total width is 63 cm. The height of the seat is 35 cm in the front and 27 cm in the back

Price is per set

See for more pictures  https://godrie.eu/product/1956-poul-kjaerholm-for-e-kold-christensen-set-2-pk22-lounge-in-black-leather/

Sales; Vintage: All-in price, no VAT mention
E. Kold Christensen
Design Year:
Product year:
ca 1960
Kjaerholm, Poul
Height: 71 cm
Width: 63 cm
Depth: 62 cm
Sitting height: 35 cm
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