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Original Easy Chair with First Fabric

Original Easy Chair with First Fabric

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Beautiful very very rare tubular lounge chair with wooden armrests. This chair has a very elegant design with a base with round shapes (#8 - #10). The chair shows traces of wear like loss of chrome (#10, #14 - #17) of the base and rusty spots and some scratches and some loss of some lacquer of the armrests (#9, #11 - #13). The upholstery shows traces of wear like some tiny damages and needs some freshen up but is overall fairly good (#8, #16 and #18). The chair has spiral springs and The base has been repaired at the rounding of the legs in the front; it has been welded and filled (#20): it was tested and can carry average adult weight. Weight 11 kg The total width of the chair is 56,5 cm and the width of the seat is 48 cm

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Gebr. De Wit
Design Year:
Product year:
Height: 73 cm
Width: 56.5 cm
Depth: 82 cm
Sitting height: 36 cm
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