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Turquoise Modulares Sofa, Vogtherr

Turquoise Modulares Sofa, Vogtherr

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Vario Pillo Modulares sofa von Burkhardt Vogtherr für Rosenthal studio line, 1970er set.

Four broad elements and two small elements which can be set in divers composition. Stained (see pictures) and some damage to fabric (see pictures #7, #8).

Four elements of measures: 67 cm H x 52 cm W at the top and 30 cm W at the front seat x 35 cm Seat height x 90 cm D and Weight of 15,5 kg per seat

Two elements of 67 cm H x 25 cm W x 35 Seat height x 90 cm D and 7,5 kg per seat

On request reupholstery is possible in any kind of leather or fabric of your choice. Please ask for more information and the many possibilities by our in-house atelier.

When piled up for transport (see picture #10 ): 100 cm H x 170 cm W x 105 cm D and a total weight of 77 kg.

Sales; Vintage: All-in price, no VAT mention
Rosenthal GmbH
Design Year:
Product year:
Height: 67 cm
Width: 250 cm
Depth: 150 cm
Sitting height: 35 cm
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