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This big chrome diamond chair is a true icon with its beautiful design. The chair has some traces of wear like tiny (rusty) spots (pictures #12 and #13) that can be polished with some effort. Two shock mounts show some reddish rusty color (#14 and #15). The shell and base are not assembled and no screws available(#18).

The dimensions for transport 9 not assembled 0 are 51 cm H x 112 cm W x 80 cm D

See for more pictures https://godrie.eu/product/1955-harry-bertoia-for-knoll-international-wide-large-chrome-diamond-chair/

This Wegner chair has a wonderful design and is beautiful from all angles. The wooden chair has a vibrant warm red color. The chair is in good condition besides some dark spots (pictures #16 and #17) and some traces of usage.

The width of the seat is 47 cm and the total width is 61 cm

See for more pictures https://godrie.eu/product/very-rare-wegner-side-chair-in-originally-red-painted-wood-circa-1930/

Set of four Dutch designed, chairs of bended wood. Traces of wear like some scratches and change of color and some minor damage. One chair has some tiny damage on the top.

The chairs have no frame. The chairs have a “blind” construction. Laminated. The chairs are stackable.

Weight is 6.5 kg per piece

Dimensions of a pile of 4 chairs 81,5 cm H x 44 cm W x 61 cm D

The price is per chair. We only sell them asa set.

See for more pictures https://godrie.eu/product/1974-gijs-bakker-for-castelijn-set-of-stackable-bended-wood-strip-chairs/

Charming white Selene table in plastic. The table is in good condition beside traces of wear like some scratches on the top in one corner (Pictures #13 and #14) and on the corners above the legs (#12) and some stains (also white paint stain for restoration?). The table can be disassembled (#17).

Also available to complete a set are four orange Selene chairs (#19)

The dimensions are 72 cm H x 82 cm W x 82 cm D

The table is is 5 cm Thick.

Disassembled 22 cm H x 82 cm W x 82 cm D

See for more pictures: /https://godrie.eu/product/1968-vico-magistretti-for-artemide-off-white-selene-dining-table/

Beautiful set of warm bright orange stacking Selene chairs. The chairs are in good condition besides some traces of wear like some tiny white paint spots (pictures #9-#12) which can be removed with care, and some little darker stains (#12) and some light scratches (#13 and #17).

The chairs are stackable (#19).

Price is per set of four

Floor lamp with paper square shade by Benno Premsela. The lamp has an elegant design because of the materials like special prepared paper with a square structure and the thin metal frame. The lamps in good condition except for some light traces of age and a light stain on top (#5, #7 and #11 that show one and the same stain). The height of the lamp 123 cm but 125 cm incl the metal frame that sticks out on top. The shade is 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 xm but 35 cm x 35 cm x 35 cm incl the metal parts.


Showroom Model, Never Used.


Beautiful Butterfly with Cheery wooden Shell and Black upholstery in very good condition!

The height is 81 at the sides and 78 in the middle

Watercooler in metal with cupholders.The front on the booth has a dent (picture (picture #5, #6 and #8)

The dimensions are 98 cm H ( 138 cm incl a watergallon) x 29,5 cm W (38,5 incl cup holder) x 31,5 cm D (36 incl water drains rack in the front)

Beautiful timeless design on round wooden feet. The chaise longue has its original upholstery in a dark yellow ochre. the chair shows some traces of wear like some little damages in the upholstery(see the pictures for details). The chrome connecting parts show some tiny (rusty) spots.


More pieces available, for sale together with a shell  :

maple – black wire 4 pieces

maple chrome wire  10 pieces

walnut – black wire 1 pieces

walnut chrome wire sold out

walnut black wire swivel 5 pieces. extra charge 155 euro each

Shells start from 200 each no arms, arms plus 150, so the mentioned  price is the start price for a chair without arms.


Beautiful elegant chair. The chair shows traces of wear like some loss of black paint of the base/legs and some (rusty) spots. The chair had some re-upholstery: the seat sows a few tiny wholes and some damage on the armrests. The seat is missing thick filling, so there is thin filling left.

The width of the seat is 50 cm and the total width is 67 cm

Very comfortable sixties chair in original faux leather upholstery. Not the smaller cheaper version !

Preferable sold as set.