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Beautiful hanging Lamp with glass with a white glass bottom and matted upper part and metal details, like a ring with 3 connecting points to clamp the glass shade.

The lamp shows traces of wear that adds character

The Glass shade is 43 cm H and has a total height of 47 cm, including the metal top.

The connected chain is 170 cm long

Original Gispen version, not Dutch Originals. Chrome version, very comfortable original easy chair, recently new upholstered in purple/pink. The base shows some traces of wear on the lying tube

This is the original version including the original Gisolite armrests.

Weight 12 kg.

Beautiful set of two tubular steel easy chairs in original green upholstery, designed by Kho Liang Ie in 1968 and produced by Stabin, Woerden in the 70’s. The chairs show some traces of wear. The upholstery of the chair on the first 9 pictures is the best, but has some little damages on the edge on top and a few on the seat and some stains and 1 floor cap is missing. The base shows some spots and is slightly crooked and is some cm higher, although the seat height is the same (see picture 2). The other chair on the remaining pictures has some more obvious damage in the upholstery, the base has some spots and 1 floor cap is missing.

Dimensions: the height of both chairs differs slightly: chair # 74 cm h x 43 cm seatH x 53 cm W x 58 cm D, while chair #2  is 71 cm H x 43 cm seatH x 53 cm W x 58 cm

Priced per piece if you buy the set.

Unique Curved Design Black Wooden Chair with black (faux) leather seat cushion, The chair shows some races of wear and some restauratie is done to the endings of the left leg and some tiny damage to alle ‘feet’/legs on the bottom.



This BRNO flat base chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe during the 1930s. Originally first edition upholstered arms including original sticking, it features a curved steel frame with cream colored upholstery.

This chair shows some traces of wear like some little spots of damage of the upholstery (low back and on the edges and corners which shows some of the lining)) and some spots on the base.

Another (same) BRNO chair is available and listed

Red Sleeping Sofa by Van der Sluis in faux leather with black base. Shows some traces of wear like a light stain on the seat and some spots o the black base.

The dimensions of the sofa when pulled out is a seat height of 36 cm and a depth of 92 cm


Beautiful iconic adjustable lounge chair in original brown fabric. The chair has chrome colour metal parts. The chair shows some light traces of wear.

On the front image the dimensions are 91 cm H x 47 cm seatH (in the front) and 34 cm in the back of the seat  x 72 cm total W including armrests x 124 cm D/L

When folded 98 cm h x 60 cm D/L

Beautiful candle holder with multiple parts and therefore combinations and composition in chrome.

The Candle holder element without candles on picture 1 showed in a serie is 6,5 cm H x 10,2 cm diameter and 271 gram per piece, 14 pieces in store

There are more parts to complete a set, see picture 2 and 3

tThe high candle holder on foot without candles on picture 6 is 23 cm H x 17 cm diameter and 850 gram, Price 125 euro, 4 piece4s in store

The scale 75 euro, 5 pieces in store

All are priced differently and separately.

Price per element 33 euro ex shipping

Matching candles are available in white, black and grey, per box, 12 pieces, 8 euro.

Beautiful EA 124 in new upholstery, done by our professional atelier, in white leather, rotatable.
The chair is in very good condition, with only some tiny spots on the bar under the seat and some tiny spots on one of the legs (see picture #14 and #15)

The dimensions are 100 cm H x 45 cm seat H in the front and 36 cm in the back x 57 cm W and 64 cm W incl the armrests x 80 cm D

Beautiful White Lamp with white shade and Transparant foot. The lamp shows some minimal traces of wear like some light scratches and tiny spots on the shoe and a tiny chip came of the bottom

The diameter of the shade is at the bottom 39 cm and 18 cm of the foot.

The height is 38 cm

The weight is 2,5 kg


Beautiful classis impressive hanging lamp in Jugendstil style. The lamp shows some traces of wear, like some loss of paint and the lamp needs to be welded on 1 point and one ‘leaf’ is loose. Glass shades are not original.

Dimensions 146 cm H x ca 85 cm diameter. each arm is 46 cm W

Beautiful lamp, in Burgundy, with 3 arms and 3 white glass shades. (2 are not original ).
Also 1 leave and 2 arms are loose and it has some loose of paint, over the years.
So, a bit work but then a beauty !!!
Total hight 146 cm, diameter lamp about 85 cm (each arm  is46 cm B)