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PH5 Pendant Light, Henningson, Louis Poulsen

PH5 Pendant Light, Henningson, Louis Poulsen

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Ph 5
Its design is based on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which's directs the majority of the light downwards. A warm tone of light is created by the inside red cone and a small blue reflector.

Good condition, except for 4 small dents on the biggest shade on one side (see picture #8) and another tiny one on the other side (see picture #9), also some small irregularities on the rim of the 2 shades (like shown on picture #10 ) and a little dent on the upper shade rim.
But overall is the lamp still a beautiful piece.

€ 495,00

Sales; Vintage: All-in price, no VAT mention
Louis Poulsen
Design Year:
Henningsen, Poul
Height: 50,8 cm
Diameter shade: 121,92 cm
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