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High Monumental Flexible Adjustable Floor Lamp Space Age

High Monumental Flexible Adjustable Floor Lamp Space Age

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Beautiful 1950s or 1960s adjustable floor lamp. Adjustable all arms can be put in several positions (sideways). The stand has some rusty spots. The cupper colored shades also have traces of wear. One of the corners of the marble foot has a tiny damage on the floor side

Measure: Weight ca 40 kg Height is 215 cm

The width measured with the arms set in max sideways position is 340 cm. The arms can be moved inside/towards each other though. The depth, measured from the end of the longest arm, from up front to the backside of the marble foot is 175 cm The arms can be taken off the foot for transportation purpose.

More pictures available on request

Sales; Vintage: All-in price, no VAT mention
Design Year:
Product year:
French Designer
Height: 215 cm
Width: 340 cm
Depth: 175 cm
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