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Unique Barber- and/or Dentist Chair in Black Corduroy

Unique Barber- and/or Dentist Chair in Black Corduroy

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Unique barber- and/or dentist chair in black corduroy. The height and angle of the headrest and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted. The chair shows traces of ageing like some wear and some loss of colour of the upholstery (#8 and #18). Also the filling is aged. The matt base has some (rusty) spots, stains and scratches (#13 - #17). 'Normal' position including the headrest is 118 cm H.

The highest position of the back seat is shown at picture #1 and is 86 cm picture #16 is 64 cm.

See for more pictures  https://godrie.eu/product/unique-barber-and-or-dentist-chair-in-black-corduroy-circa-1960/

Sales; Vintage
Design Year:
Product year:
ca 1965
Gispen, W.H.
Height: 118 cm
Width: 51 cm
Depth: 70 cm
Sitting height: 44 cm
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