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Rover Set, Ron Arad, One Off, Only One Lounge Chair left and a Rare Two-Seat

Rover Set, Ron Arad, One Off, Only One Lounge Chair left and a Rare Two-Seat

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This chairs were produced by One Off until 1989 and this is a beautiful set, bought at 2 periods. So please read the text carefully.

The fact it's bought in two periods is why the frames from the 2 chairs are the same and the frame of the couch is different, beautiful to match, even special as obvious authentic and telling the story of 2 production processes.

It's a beautiful and very rare and special set of Rover chairs consisting of a two-seat sofa and two easy chairs. Since this set is made of original car seats, these easy chairs can be set to all positions from straight up (Picture #7) to laying down (#8) with the help of a handle at the side.

One of the easy chairs has damage on the front of the seat (#15 and #16) while the other chair has damage in the backrest (#18).

Also the seats of the couch can have a different position operate form each other. Both chairs have red paint drips on the leather as well as on the bases.

The bases of the easy chairs are black and smooth (#19), while the base of the two-seat sofa is in dark grey-black and 'hammered paint' (#4) and the leather has old cracked parts (#14 and #15) and also some loss of the black color. The bases shows some traces of wear like some loss of paint.

The two-seat sofa has no red paint spoils, but shows heavy traces of wear on some parts like old leather cracks and some loss of paint of the leather. The base shows some minor traces of wear.

The Rover chair is the first piece of furniture designed by Industrial designer Ron Arad. It was made in 1981 as a fusion of two readymades and launched Arad's career. The chair is a postmodernist design, combining a car seat with a structural tubing frame.

Weight of the couch 51 kg and of the easy chairs per piece 27,5 kg. Together 105 kg

The dimensions with the back in upright position with a height of 77 cm, while 51 cm when all the way down. The width of the seat of the easy chair is 54 cm and the total width including the armrests is 68 cm. The total width of the sofa is 122 cm

The price is per set

More pictures are available on request

Sales; Vintage: All-in price, no VAT mention
One Off
Design Year:
Product year:
Arad, Ron
Height: 77 cm
Width: 122 cm
Depth: 91 cm
Sitting height: 35 cm
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