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Plona Folding Deck Chair, Piretti, Giancarlo

Plona Folding Deck Chair, Piretti, Giancarlo

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Very rare Fold up Plona deck chair referred to Palm Springs New York and pop art, in black.
The chair has a beautiful design with elegant round curves of the frame (#11) and in the seat, see picture #15.

The chair is in good condition but has small traces of wear like scratches on the seat/shell and some white marks on it (picture #8 and #9). There is one very small dent of 5 mm in the seat, seen from the front at the left from the middle, but not very clear to see (#16). One floor cap is missing and therefore the chair is just slightly crooked for the eye (#6 and #7). The frame has spots and traces of wear #13.

Measures: The weight is 7 kg
When folded the height is 78 cm H x 21 cm D.

Sales; Vintage: All-in price, no VAT mention
Design Year:
Piretti, Giancarlo
Height: 73 cm
Width: 68 cm
Depth: 53 cm
Sitting height: 44 cm
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