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EA 124 / EA 125

EA 124 / EA 125


Easy Chair with hocker, which can be restored (swivel/tilt mechanismpolish or chrome plated) and/or redone in almost all of our divers fabrics or leather species.

We recommend BeBoB Pr Leather and BeBoB Project Fabric. The last one looks like the most used hopsak fabric, which we can use too. Check the images ; one with hopsak, made by glewing like nowadays, less labor intensive, and a BeBoB Pr Fabric one in the traditional way upholstered by us like the original early American versons. If you only want to redo the hocker EA125 we charge 100 extra.

Sizes in m2 for leather on both sides of the chair and stretch meters for fabric. the second option is as te chair nowadays is delivered with on the front leather and on the back fabric, All m2 based on black BeBoB Pr Leather.

Eames, Charles & Ray
Fabric species:
Labor costs:
495,- (leder + 50) / 195,- (leder + 35) hoofdkussen + 100 (leder + 35)
Fabric meter:
EA124: s: 3m / l:6m2 of l/s: 3m2/3m s: 3m2, EA125: 1m2/1,5m

First Downpayment for Upholstery / Restoration Order

First Downpayment of € 300,- to make an online reservation for the first moment in the cue to Restore or Upholster your product.

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