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Comfortable Red Seventies Cinema Chairs from Paris, Unassembled

Comfortable Red Seventies Cinema Chairs from Paris, Unassembled

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Cinema chairs in red. The chair on the picture is an example in good condition, with a base made by us, because the chairs were originally in the floor. We have many parts in store like 37 shells with cushions and headrest and separate disassembled legs, and on request more separate parts like cushions, shells without cushions, separate headrests. The chairs show traces of wear and especially the fabric of many the seats and backs have heavy traces of usage like stains or some damage. Many shells have chewing gum under the shell, that can be removed. Some shells have slightly damage like some scratches or a crack. Please be aware that there are no ground plates available.

Weight 26.5 kg

More pictures are available on request

€ 295,00

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