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Wooden Tiny, Elegant Office Desk, Braakman

Wooden Tiny, Elegant Office Desk, Braakman

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Beautiful, very rare, wooden desk with asymmetrical detail under the desk top and elegant metal legs. Fine details. Traces of wear and rusty legs.

Weight 27.5 kg

Dimensions of the desk top is 102 cm L x 61 cm D The length of the total desk is 116 cm Because of assymmetrical detail under the desktop the space under the desk is going up from 61 cm at the left to 65 cm at the right, next to the cupboard. The cupboard is 41 cm H x 41 cm W x 59 cm D At the left side is a space for storing which is 10 cm of height

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Design Year:
Product year:
Braakman, Cees
Height: 76 cm
Width: 116 cm
Depth: 61 cm
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