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Sofa Bed

Sofa Bed


Sofa, with the tubular frame or with the original square frame. Both will be redone with sustainable interior, to keep the sofa in shape for longer time and we recommend it to be redone in BeBoB Pr. Fabric because we have a very good experience with this for over 30 years especialy when it comes to cleaning. Of course you can also use the wool Kvadrat fabrics in various colors, beacuse we are dealer for Kvadrat and De Ploeg. In laather we redo the sofa like it is produced new in 3 pieces but we can also do it in 2 pieces and even in 1 piece for the same labour costs. we only need double the  leather.

Visser, Martin
Fabric species:
Labor costs:
495,- ( + 150,- in leder )
New interior:
Fabric meter:

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First Downpayment of € 300,- to make an online reservation for the first moment in the cue to Restore or Upholster your product.

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