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Vision 2000, Most Iconic Design Piece of Space Age

Vision 2000, Most Iconic Design Piece of Space Age

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This Vision 2000 Hi Fi System produced by Rosita Tonmöbel is mentioned as the most icons design piece of the Space Age. It has a beautiful and typical design. It has a lit that can be opened and closed. The music tower contains a cassette player and radio. It shows traces of wear like stains, sticker remains and some scratches on the lit/cover and on the foot. The cables come out at the foot (#18). Thilo Oerke. 'Vision 2000' stereo system, circa 1971. H. 92 cm, D. 65 cm, loudspeakers: H. 81 cm. Made by Rosita Tonmoebel, Germany, and Grundi AG, Fuerth in the early 1970s. Chrome-plated plastic, part white, black plastic inside. Perspex lid. Radio and tape player. Marked: VISION 2000. The installation is not tested.

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Thilo Oerke
Design Year:
Product year:
Height: 90 cm
Width: 50 cm
Depth: 50 cm
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