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Red Valentine Typewriter

Red Valentine Typewriter

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Red Valentine Typewriter by Olivetti. Three beautiful typewriters are available. Mechanics is still good, but typewriters ribbon needs to be renewed. The typewriters come in a great handy box, which makes carrying possible. The boxes have a flexible rubber locking system. One of the rubber bands lost a part, which is not necessary for the locking. A plastic chip came of one of the typing writers backside (the one behind of the three on the first picture and this box has also a black stain on top. One original instruction booklet is available. The typing writers can be bought separately or all together.

The weight is 7 kg

The dimensions of the type writer are 9 cm H x 34 cm L x 32 cm W

The dimensions of the box are 11, 5 cm H x 35 cm L x 34 cm W

Price mentioned is per piece

More pictures are available on request

Sales; Vintage
Design Year:
Product year:
circa 1975
Sotsass, Ettorre
Height: 11,5 cm
Width: 34 cm
Depth: 35 cm
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