IJmuiden / Zandvoort
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If your item is showed in “Restoration” and everything is clear you can Order for Restoration to make a reservation for the first available moment for the job. Please add all necessary information and send us your contact details including address.

If your product is not in our list, please mail us, including pictures and your questions, or visit us.  We are not the cheapest but try to be the best and go for service and guarantee instead.

We prefer you to bring and pick up your products in IJmuiden yourself. Delivery and picking up in one of our other outlet we charge €35 support for transportatie. For transportation from and/or to your office and/or home we charge according our Transport List.

Fast service on request for extra price. Standard we have the order ready in one month, without delivery problems of fabric/leather or other troubles. Eggs, Swans and specialist services with laather we need to form before take 2 months or more, also depending our waiting list.

Every last Sunday of the month we receive and send the items from and to our Central Atelier /Warehouse in IJmuiden to divers Specialists. After using the product folds will appear. It’s impossible to avoid this. In less than 10% of the projects we need extra time out of unexpected issues in the work.

We take the freedom to charge up to 10% if necassary in this case, We take f.i. the extra time for cleaning the base in a way to avoid the old parts damage the new fabric or leather earlier than without the extra work. We don’t deliver the not used leather or fabric.

First downpayment is about the reservation. After this we contact you about the logistic elements and ordering materials. We bring the downpayment to about 50%. Changing of color or upgrading material we can sometimes do after signing for about 10% of our costs, €50 extra.