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We started more then 30 years ago to take responsabillity to the planet about the environment in recycling and feel committed to it’s inhabitants by recycling a selection of respected design. We do this by showing, restoring and trading it to a lovely network all over the world.

Purchase : We get about 40% to 50% to finance, administrate and store and sell new available products by dealership. Second hand items, still i production, we sell for about 40% to 60% of it’s new value. Our margin is about 50% to 65% because of storage, transportation etc.  You can offer us  your spare products by sending us an email, including a picture, a description of its condition and other relevant data. Please inform us if you are interested in donating, exchanging or making us an offer.

Purchase including BeBoB Voucher : The value of both new and vintage items is also determined by what it cost when it was originally purchased. To exchange or to opt for a  voucher is more profitable for you than to sell us your product.

Purchase by in consignment :  We pay you 14 days after we sold the item for you. Our regular percentage on commercial items is about 50%, less & more commercial items, less or more, in negotiation.
Very wanted items and very exclusive expensive items we do for about 20% to 30%.

Donation : If it’s a donation you can choose to donate to us or to donate the normally amount of purchase, related to the sale to the Apa Foundation. If you want to sell us a product, we need an indication of the price you have in mind.If you want a better price we advise you to accept a voucher in stead of cash, to include an exchanging product or in consignment.

Please notify that 10% of our profit is invested in the small scale projects of the APA Foundation in Asia, aimed at facilitating the life of lesser abled children and youngsters, by small projects as supplying wheelchairs, bathrooms, improving bathrooms, making roads accessible, giving free class, donating materials and tools and machines to create an independent living etc.